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Marketing & Sales is a powerful marketing and sales instrument, which will give you the marketing edge over text emails, by personalizing your client’s information, (in monthly bill details, airline boarding cards, loyalty program offers ... etc.). The automatically generated personal videos from give you a unique opportunity for specific information placement. In combination with a powerful analysis tool identifying customer specific preferences and needs, can provide effective means to channelize up sell, cross sell, special promotions, customized coupons and others.

Whether you have a new service or want to enhance your current ones, would like to target specific group of customers, or even specific individuals, will help you deliver a message to your customers with an important edge over your competitors by personalizing the messages in videos. The videos will enhance products and services positioning, increase awareness, strengthen the brand, react swiftly to changing market conditions, and optimize the cost of sales activities, all of which lead to a healthy boost in your bottom line.

Customer Lifecycle

While being fully automated, imagine talking to your customers in clear audio, video and animated text giving them information that is one-off, relevant, and personal to each one of them… is limitless.

Personalized videos better connects you to your customers resulting in an increase in retention, up-sell, and loyalty. At the same time, will also lead to a reduction in churn and call center inbound and outbound traffic. Customers receive relevant and always up-to-date information, in a profound customer interaction method through personalizing the information. It is an automated mass-market tool, which can only be matched by very expensive and tediously generated videos.

With, your end-to-end customer needs will be met, and your customer relationships will be enhanced. In brief, all mentioned benefits would lead to better customer relationships, better retention, better product positioning, better margins, and better bottom line. will accelerate your ROI.

Customer Communication

With automatically generated “personal” videos from, your video communications will resonate with your audience. Rather than using a standard message that is usually “personal preference neutral” in nature, give organizations the added edge of the personal touch, while maintaining the practical benefit of a mass communications medium… is far-reaching tool.

By matching customers' specific profiles with content that is relevant and specific to them, along with adding a personal greeting through voicing one’s name and other personal information, will create a new dynamic medium that is only experienced through a personal one-on-one presentation. Using traditional customer interaction methods has often led to either discarded emails, or unanswered phone calls. The majority of SMSs sent, often are unread or blocked. With, customers are communicated with in a personal, relevant, and timely message, that breaks the negativity of the traditional communications methods, and opens the door for a recipient who is eager to receive the message. Your voice will now be heard and your communications budget will be optimized.


E-Commerce has become an important tool for small and large businesses worldwide, not only to sell to customers, but also to engage them. Mobile devices are playing an increasing role in the mix of eCommerce. In 2014, one estimate saw purchases made on mobile devices making up 25% of the market by 2017.

There is no limit of time and space, there are more opportunities to reach out to customers around the world, and to cut down unnecessary intermediate links, thereby reducing the cost price, and can benefit from one on one large customer data analysis, to achieve a high degree of personal customization strategic plan, in order to fully enhance the core competitiveness of the products in your company. Why not advertising and engaging with your Customers through personalized videos directly and let them purchase your products at the distance of a click?