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Experienced Resources

Our resources are the true assets in the company - we are proud of their track record and dedication to ensuring they meet or exceed our client´s expectations. They are often based at the client´s premises and are highly adept in integrating into new cultural, technological and organisational environments with great efficiency and speed.

By avoiding the usual pyramid staff structure, whereby the number of inexperienced younger staff far outweigh the number of industry experienced professional, we avoid the high level of dissatisfaction many clients express with their management consultants. In contrast to many of our competitors, we do not believe in letting the client (at their own cost) educate our younger consultants in large unqualified project teams.

We are continually searching for highly motivated, qualified staff that are eager to work in multi-disciplinary international teams. We recruit both permanent and part-time staff (for example, for those who may wish to continue maintaining strong links with academic or scientific institutions) and have an associate programme for those consultants who may wish to be involved on a project basis.


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We are interested in applications from experienced professionals for: full time, part-time and freelance positions.

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