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Information Technology

From next generation automobile systems to generating graphical user interfaces for wireless handheld devices, we have the expertise available to support our clients from early stage prototyping to fully outsourced information management solutions.

An example of this expertise is Revenue Protection & Fraud Management for telecommunications carriers. In both cases we have proven tools and expertise which currently process over 50 million GSM customer worldwide and over 150 million call records per day.

But why is this important for an operator?

  • Gaining and keeping customers becomes increasingly difficult as market penetration increases. Once operators win customers they need to keep them profitable!
  • Billing and Rating is becoming increasingly complex as non-voice services and service (airtime) bundling is introduced
  • Application platform environments are becoming increasingly diverse and heterogeneous...can the billing system still cope?
  • Lost revenue is worse than no revenue, it generates incremental costs!
  • Lost Data Records cost operators around 1-2.5% of gross revenues

As many operators invest vast amounts into next generation networks and service development, little thought is often given to the potential revenue leakage:

  • Calls to specific destinations are simply not recognized
  • Temporary non-detection of calls
  • Non-recognition of specific Handover scenarios
  • Problems with Prepaid...
  • Operations forgot new MSCs...
  • Lost data in Mediation, Billing System,...
  • Lost high volumes of data
  • Calls over midnight erased CDRs from previous hour
  • etc....

Our solutions: we have systems and technologies for both Revenue Assurance and Fraud Management, which should not be confused - both play an important role in minimising revenue losses. Typical pay-back periods for both systems are less than 6 months. Common causes of lost revenue are:


  • Subscriber fraud (false ID)
  • Call forwarding (multi-party/multi-destination scenarios)
  • Internal fraudulent activation of new customers
  • Internal manipulation in billing system
  • Roaming fraud
  • Call selling
  • etc.

Revenue leakage

  • Compare call records before and after rating & billing engine
  • Usually non-fraudulent causes
  • System jitt...timing issues
  • Data volume too high for some sub-systems
  • Handovers not recognised
  • Roaming scenarios not rated
  • etc.

As revenue assurance and fraud management become critical factors in increasing EBITDA margins of wireless (and wireline) carriers, we can offer both consulting services to identify potential sources of revenue loss and complete industry proven solutions for immediate implementation.


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