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Wireless and Mobile

Mid 2007, the wireless industry was struck by a new idea. Apple launched the iPhone and Google unveiled Android in 2008. These two companies rapidly changed the smartphone segment and with that the entire wireless industry.

These are still the early days in this transformed landscape, and there is no slowdown ahead.

The wireless industry is still in the middle of a transformation. That means there are many new opportunities going forward, but there are many new challenges as well. Which ideas, companies and sectors will win is the question.

Today, even though the wireless industry is growing, some companies in the mobile market were winning while others have struggled and took severe losses in the last years. Wireless in general is winning and growing, but that's not true for every competitor.

Nowadays, Telco Companies can change market positions within a few years. There have already been many changes over the last years and this is expected to continue.

The wireless industry looks very different from several years ago.

Wireless tomorrow is not just about the technology any longer. It's also about show business. It's about marketing, advertising and public relations.

Today's scenarios are forcing operators and service providers to place greater emphasis upon aspects of their business that have not traditionally been a primary concern:

  • Branding
  • Customer Life Cycle management
  • Market segmentation
  • Sales and distribution channel optimization
  • Revenue assurance
The bar is continually being raised.

There are all kinds of other industries that want to use wireless to get a competitive advantage in the marketplace. All it takes is an established company to come up with an idea. After a short while, competitors will do the same thing -- until all competitors have to offer it just to stay in business.

Industry after industry will start to use the wireless industry to update the business practices.

I.e. in the automotive industry this technology is relatively new and exciting and will change customer lives. The innovation wheel is just starting in industry after industry. This is an opportunity for every industry and also a big-time opportunity for the wireless industry, which will be at the center of this new universe with handsets, apps and networks.

Networks Operators are plowing the road in this area enabling every other industry a huge growth opportunity.

Wireless will continue to grow, delivering new and innovative services to customers, and working with other industries. Some companies will win and others will struggle, but wireless in general will grow and remain healthy.

What ideas and technologies will emerge tomorrow? That's an exciting question. There will be challenges and opportunities.

Bridge Consulting is prepared and can help to turn those challenges and opportunities into profitable business by addressing drivers like:

  • Re-alignment of SBU (Strategic Business Units)
  • Product and service roadmaps
  • Service migration and re-tariffing
  • Product innovation
  • Partnering (strategy and implementation)
  • Systems integration
  • Organizational impacts (e.g. customer facing call centres and sales channels)
  • Fraud management
Our international experience and in-depth subject matter expertise allows us to support some of the industries major names in these and other next generation 'key success factors'.

In many of our non-European markets, we also assist new entrants to identify, validate and exploit market opportunities at both the strategic and tactical levels. A significant number of these opportunities are new mobile licenses. The expertise at our client's disposal has been demonstrated over a number of years in such markets where our consultants have assisted in the successful acquisition of new licences and the building of sustainable mobile business operations. Our portfolio of services includes:

  • License bid management and support
  • Market analysis
  • Investor analysis and business plan evaluation
  • Due Diligence
  • M&A support
  • Preparation of international bankable business plans
  • Operational business strategies
  • Market entry strategies
  • Product and service portfolios
  • Network design
  • Vendor selection
  • Interconnection agreement negotiation based upon Long Range Incremental Costs (LRIC)
  • Organizational structure and HR strategy through implementation
  • Interim management
We assist clients by means of network optimization, service development, re-tariffing, multi-vendor deployments and platform migration strategies. Bridge supports clients in both developing and developed mobile markets across a multitude of technology standards. Our key differentiating factor is our ability to provide proven strategy to implementation expertise and resources.


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