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Bridge Solutions provides a full range of software related services for customers on or off site, depending on individual customer and project requirements.

This includes:

  • Application development
  • Provisioning developments (separation prepaid from postpaid segments)
  • Billing & Accounting development and customization (LHS and Amdocs)
  • CRM development and customization
  • DB development and customization
  • Recharging development and customization

Bridge customers also have the option to hire our specialists to strengthen their own team remotely or to order a full cycle software development process cost efficient.

We offer cost efficient software programming services, from product idea, through software development, quality assurance to enhancements and support services. Bridge software developers are coming from different backgrounds with multi industry experiences. We are able to balance product development efforts and project duration to our customer needs.


BRIDGE Holding GmbH

Siegfriedstrasse 28
53179 Bonn

Phone:  +49 152 02397729

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Bridge Consulting
We are interested in applications from experienced professionals for: full time, part-time and freelance positions.

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