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Management Consulting

Rapid technology advances and market dynamics place ever increasing demands upon corporate management to respond pro-actively and in-time. There is often no second chance in today´s highly competitive telecommunications markets.

Disruptive technologies, capable of bringing dramatic paradigm shifts in business models and long-term cost structures cause existential changes to business prospects. Many of these technologies are mid-term (5G, Ad-hoc networks, Pervasive computing etc.), but many are here today and will effect business models tomorrow (4G, IPv6, all IP networks, Blade Computing, WebRTC etc.).

Bridge can provide insight into the threats and opportunities these changes bring -- requiring not only a thorough understanding of the technology developments but also thought leadership in the application and impact of next generation network environments.

As a builder of value in the telecommunications markets and TIME enabled industries, our consultants add sustainable long-term value in a number a critical strategic and tactical management consulting fields:

  • Strategic technology impact analysis
  • Feasibility studies
  • Due Diligence
  • Process related performance improvement
  • Market analysis, segmentation
  • Market entry strategies
  • Tariffing, pricing and Product portfolios
  • Partnering and alliances
  • Innovation audits

Bridge consulting services encompass the full life-cycle support throughout the typical 'plan-build-run' phases of an operator.


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